Graduate track in Human Factors Engineering

Graduate track in Human Factors Engineering (HFE).

This unique track offered in the Dept. of industrial Engineering and mangement offers a Masters in science (MSc) degree (with or without a research thesis) in Industrial Engineering with a focus in HFE. We accept a verity of academic backgrounds. We encourage diversity, however, those who do not have an engineering degree are required to do supplement courses.

See detailes in the Department website or contact Dr. Avinoam Borowsky ,

We welcome international students. Graduate courses are given in English if International students participate.

poster_HF_track (002)

List of courses that I teach:

  • Undergraduate Level
  • Graduate Level
    • Stress,  Workload and Fatigue
    • Automation and Intelligent Systems
    • Man-Machine Systems (Mandatory)
    • Decision Making in advanced technological systems (mandatory)
    • Designing user interfaces (mandatory) – User Interface II
    • Human Robot interaction

Individual lectures.

  • Introduction to Human Factors Engineering
  • From Ergonomics to Hedonomics
  • Stress, fatigue and workload models and application
  • Multi-modal displays
  • Naturalistic decision making
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