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IsraHCI – The Fourth Israeli Human-Computer Interaction Research Conference

IsraHCI  – February 18, 2016

Call for submissions

Conference website:
Facebook group:
LinkedIn group:

Important Dates

 Submission Date: November 15, 2015.
 Notification of Acceptance: December 7, 2015.
 Conference: Feb 18th, Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, Art, Ramat-Gan

Topics of Interest –  Topics include, but are not limited to:

 Interactive artifacts and wearable computing
 Ubiquitous and pervasive computing
 Interaction models for children and the elderly
 Social aspects of human-computer interaction
 New interaction techniques, devices and interfaces
 Mobile interaction
 Tangible human-computer interaction
 Human-robot interaction
 Cognitive aspects of human-computer interaction
 Evaluation methods for usability and user experience
 Group and collaborative interactions
 Interactive information visualization
 User interaction in the car and in other high-stake environments
 Design methods
 The organizational and business context of computer interaction
 Universal access and international interfaces
 Specific issues that are relevant to Israel’s political situation and population
 Augmented and virtual reality interfaces
 Usability of privacy and security mechanisms

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Open positions in Human Factors engineering, Human-robot interaction or Human computer interaction

BGU is seeking for excellent candidates for senior or junior faculty positions in the Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management. Candidates will be part of the Human Factors engineering team.

Relevant topics are: HCI, HRI, Usability, HFE, or any affiliated fields.

For more information please contact: Prof. Tal Oron-Gilad at

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IsraHCI2014 – call for papers


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