Human Robot Interaction (HRI)

ABC robotics center at BGU I am now part of a multidisciplinary research group at BGU which aims to enhance human-robot interaction in the service and at-home domains. Some of the most current topics that we are looking at are:

  • proxemics and context, “follow me” how a human and a social robot interact when the robot is following a person
follow me

Follow me!

  • “off the shelves” brain-computer interface capabilities and integration of those with other means of interaction (e.g., gestures) with a setup of a robotic arm assistant
HRI config for robotic arm assistant

Setup for a robotic arm assistant. Interaction is done by multiple modalities including BCI

robotic arm assistant

View of the experimental setup for the robotic arm assistant

  • Use of Augmented reality to facilitate shared mental models of human-and robot
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