Research reports

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  • Toward development of HP training for young novice drivers submitted to the Israeli RSA, March 2013. In Hebrew.

Toward development of a Hazard Perception training program for young novice drivers

  • The effect of combined Alcohol-Energy drink beverages on drivers in a simulated drive and on their perceived willingness to drive. In Hebrew.

השילוב בין אלכוהול למשקאות אנרגיה – ד”ר עדי רונן, ד”ר טל אורון-גלעד ופרופ’ דוד שנער חוקרים ראשיים

A research report, Validation of the Semi-immersive dome shaped pedestrians’ virtual reality simulator

This study is part of a larger effort to study dismounted soldiers and their use of technology. Here we  examined the utility of display devices displaying global positioning information and navigation map for dismounted soldiers in urban route waypoint to waypoint navigation. Two field experiments were conducted. In the first, eight soldiers, with similar skills participated. Each soldier had to navigate through a predefined route, on his own, using one display devices at a time, while communicating with the command post. In the second experiment, 4 additional soldiers performed similar tasks twice, with and without time constraints. In both experiments, soldiers completed the task successfully, and no significant differences in performance accuracy or in mission duration due to display device were found. With regard to usability, efficiency, and convenience, there was a subjective preference for the use of the smaller hand held devices. Thus, those are recommended for this type of navigation missions.



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