Transportation research and Traffic safety

Transportation and Safety is a vast topic. My research focuses on the following aspects:

Current research projects

  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous driving. Implication of automation and non-perfect automation on driver behavior.
  • Hazard perception abilities of drivers.
    • In this respect, our team has developed training mechanisms and testing metrics for novice drivers (see Borowsky & Oron-Gilad, 2013 for example).
    • We have a valid array of video clips and a hazard perception test (HPT) that consists of three components: traffic scene observation and detection of hazards, classification and rating tasks.
    • We also have developed a hazard perception training AAHPT (act and anticipate hazard perception training) and looked in Don’s Fisher’s RAPT (and our Hebrew verion I-RAPT).
    • Finally, we have developed and tested a simulator based HPT and some unique ways to analyze simulator data (see for example, Parmet, Borowsky, Yona & Oron-Gilad, 2015)
  • Hazard perception abilities of pedestrians.
    • With regard to pedestrians, our main interest is in child-pedestrians aged 7-13. We have developed a unique testing virtual environment which we use to simulate typical road crossing situations with and without distraction.
  • Understanding the kinetics of pedestrians when crossing (with Dr. Raziel Riemer)

Older Topics

An excellent review book on these issues is Traffic Safety and Human Behavior by David Shinar, 2nd edition coming soon.

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