IsraHCI – The Fourth Israeli Human-Computer Interaction Research Conference

IsraHCI  – February 18, 2016

Call for submissions

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Important Dates

 Submission Date: November 15, 2015.
 Notification of Acceptance: December 7, 2015.
 Conference: Feb 18th, Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, Art, Ramat-Gan

Topics of Interest –  Topics include, but are not limited to:

 Interactive artifacts and wearable computing
 Ubiquitous and pervasive computing
 Interaction models for children and the elderly
 Social aspects of human-computer interaction
 New interaction techniques, devices and interfaces
 Mobile interaction
 Tangible human-computer interaction
 Human-robot interaction
 Cognitive aspects of human-computer interaction
 Evaluation methods for usability and user experience
 Group and collaborative interactions
 Interactive information visualization
 User interaction in the car and in other high-stake environments
 Design methods
 The organizational and business context of computer interaction
 Universal access and international interfaces
 Specific issues that are relevant to Israel’s political situation and population
 Augmented and virtual reality interfaces
 Usability of privacy and security mechanisms

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