Join IEA Technical Committee (TC) on Affective Design

How to Join & Who to Contact?

Membership is FREE presently. Anyone who is interested in Affective Design may join. Complete the Registration Form, and return to the Chair/Co-Chair of the committee. Please send an email with your name, affiliation and contact information to

Dr. Halimahtun Khalid or Dr. Tal Oron-Gilad


Why Affective Design TC?

Affective design of products and systems is a promising and dynamic field of research and application in human factors engineering, HCI, product design, computer science and engineering design. Several thematic conferences and dedicated workshops have been organized globally, such as Affective Human Factors Design (2001), Emotions and Design (2003, 2008), Emotional Design (2004), and KEER (2010). Publications on Affective Design have also appeared in journals such as Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, Applied Ergonomics, and Research in Engineering Design, besides books authored by various human factors professionals, product designers, engineers, and computer scientists.  

Given the growing global and multi-disciplinary interests, there is a need for the international ergonomics community to integrate the many threads of interdisciplinary issues underlying this domain, from theories, methods to application. The Affective Design Technical Committee (TC) has the goal to develop, synergize and promote the field of research and application through collaborative initiatives between researchers and practitioners.

What Objectives?

· To document and develop theories and methods in Affective Design for design purposes;

· To integrate research and practices in design of affective user interfaces;

· To participate and/or organize collaborative events for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry to share solutions;

· To publish works in the form of practical solutions for application in different domains from consumer goods to medical equipment.

How Implemented?

· Conference participation

The TC has organized special sessions at major events such as WWCS 2006, IEEM 2008, IEA 2009, KEER 2010. 

Upcoming conferences:

  • ODAM 2011 session will map Affective/Emotional design within the IEA Ergonomics Quality in Design (EQUID) framework.
  • Call for submission has just been released for IEA 2012. We aim for substantial presence in IEA 2012 in various formats.

· Research and Application

The TC will identify niche areas for research investigation that can impact design methodologies and policies. TC members can also participate in the Ergonomics Quality in Product Design (EQUID) initiatives, in determining how affective design methodologies may be integrated into EQUID processes.

· Partnerships

The TC collaborates with the Product Design TC in organizing joint meetings, including the triennial meeting. There is a need to complement each other in research and development.

It has initiated collaborations with KEER 2010 organizers, in providing IEA support to the International Conference on Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research, Among the partners are Japan Society of Kansei Engineering, and Design & Emotion Society

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