Applications of Human Factors in Industry

This is an advanced Fourth Year Course for Industrial Engineering Student. It is an applied course which aims to provide an overview of how Human Factors and Ergonomics Design is integrated in various Industrial and Service-based domains.

List of main topics is shown below.

Detail Topic
Introduction, The history of work 1
Basic concepts in Man-Machine systems; Workload, Vigilance, SA, Automation (LOA, Function allocation, adaptive automation) 2
Designing control rooms – physical and job-related considerations 3
Designing control room interfaces; Ecological Interface Design 4
Foundations of Command & Control 5
The Dispatch domain; Design and structure of Emergency Medical Dispatch 6
Decision Support systems 7
Teleoperation, Human-robot Interaction and Human-Robot teams 8
Virtual reality, multimodal and  Wearable computing 9
Navigation and Orientation issues 10
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